TCIA Upcoming Events

Discovery Retreat 2019, June 7-8: Join us at St. Cecilia parish for this amazing retreat experience for those enter 9-12 grade in the fall. This retreat is led by teens, for teens! We begin at 4pm on Fri, June 7 and end with Saturday evening Mass. $30 covers all food and supplies. Come DISCOVER just how much God loves you and who God created you to be! Download a permission form here and turn it in by May 28! Disc 2019 Permission Form SC

View last summer’s trips here:

TCIA Summer 2017 – Making Changes!

3 thoughts on “TCIA Upcoming Events

  1. Is there a link with events held in with the Spanish community? I live in the area and have seen that after 10 am mass on Sundays something is happening and would like to know and perhaps participate. I really appreciate the information you can give me. Thank you

    • Hi Tony. I just saw your comment. My apology that it took so long to see this. The Hispanic Ministry has separate staff and programs. They are not on St. Cecilia staff, they are not paid by St. Cecilia. So I do not know what their program offers or if they have a web page.

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